How Page Layout Affects Conversions

If there is one design concept you need to comprehend it is this one. Layout is of critical importance when it comes to conversions. You might have noticed that newspapers’ layout has been the same for ages. This is because people are familiar with it, and for the most part people don’t need change, also , it works! Publishers have optimized this system to the point where it is almost perfect and it is highly measurable, because there are over a hundred years of data.

The front page always has a bold headline with an enticing photo to draw you in and capture your attention. The other smaller articles are also used to get your attention and then you have the advertisements on strategic spots on the front page. Magazines use a similar system, but they have the advantage of color to entice you even more. Websites are the same, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. A good image with a catchy headline will go a long way. You also have animation you can use on a website, that can be used to draw attention to a specific space on your page. A good exercise is to look at the big websites in your niche and see what they are doing. If it works for them it will work for you, and you will see what people in your niche expect and like on a website.

Prospects will look at your first page and decide in seconds if they are going to stay longer or leave and find another site. It works pretty much the same as newspapers and magazines. Your home page must be without clutter and make it easy for prospects to navigate in a stylish and functional manner. Your product will determine if you have a simple or complicated website. Technical products require a lot more explanation in relation to a squeeze page where you just want an e-mail and then explain your product further via later e-mails.

You need to nail the execution above the fold of your home page. Prospects have to be drawn in and your job is to keep them engaged with your content. The best thing you can do to see how page layout affects conversion is by concentrating above the fold. Improvements above the fold almost always lead to better conversions. Spend most of your design time in improving this area of your website and you will see fast results.

The crux here is as follow; you just need to do the basics well and the conversions will follow. Don’t try to be too clever with all sorts of plugins and such. Concentrate on doing the time tested strategies well and you will be well ahead of the curve.

Learning The Emotional Peaks and Valleys of Web Videos

There are several aspects that make some web videos stand out, and other sink among the millions of videos. These aspects vary depending on what the video is about, and the overall content of the video. However, there are some key steps that you must take in order to have a beautiful, professional and entertaining video. It doesn’t matter if you are making a video to discuss a political topic, explain a new product or if you’re making a how-to video. No matter why you’re filming, there are several tips that you can follow that will make your video stand out from the millions of others.
The greatness of most web videos comes from the pre-production phase. It is here that you will discuss how you want your video to look, what you want to say and why you want to say it. When you figure out the answers to all of these questions, than you will be on your way to creating a wonderful web video, of course, figuring out how you want your video to look is extremely important. If you are going for a more polished look, than you will want to spend more time discovering the actual appearance of your video, all the way down from lighting, clothing and camera angles.

If you want to create a web video that has presence than you want to set a mood. The success of a web video all depends on what mood it is giving out to its viewers. If you want a humorous video, than there are steps to creating a video that exudes humor, and likewise with serious web videos. The planning of how you want to convey your message is extremely important. Of course, there are several tips that everyone must follow if they want to properly explain their content.

The first of these is making sure that your web video has a story. In order to understand how to make a story, you must first realize what a story is. When you think of a great story, there are usually items called peaks and valleys.

A peak is a strong emotional moment; you can convey this many different ways. If you are making a video about a product, than the “peak” of the story would be explaining how this product can enhance your life and what it will do for you. The same concept is true for the “valley” of a video. In the same product web video, the valleys would be showing how the product works, and also how it is made.

This is a great way to engage the viewers, as well as keep their information. If you want to make a lasting impact on your web video audience, than you must touch their emotions in one way or another. It doesn’t matter if your web video makes individuals happy, sad, angry or even content, when you are able to create a video that alters the mood or emotion of the viewer, than you have a very successful web video on your hands.

Using Social Media for SEO Edmonton; Top 5 Things to Keep In Mind

It has become apparent that organic searches are a ranking factor. Therefore, it is important for small businesses to be found online if they are to benefit from these searches. But the question on many minds is how can a business show up every time someone searches for the products or services it offers? Well, there are several ways to achieve that, and one of them is social media marketing.
The Top 5 Tips for a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. Vanity URLs Are Your Allies

Numerous social media sites allow businesses to use a vanity URL in their efforts to optimize for organic search. It is advisable to have your business name in the vanity URL. However, if you have a shared business name, you can add your location to the URL to differentiate yourself. An example of a vanity URL is

2. Social Profile

It is important to fill out your social profile completely. Pay attention to the about page as it is your chance to talk about what your business offers. Remember to include a relevant keyword in your description to keep it optimized. Some social sites allow you to include a link to your site, and this is treated as an inbound link. Such links are used to boost ranking and organic search.

3. The Keywords

The importance of using industry and business relevant keywords cannot be overemphasized. It is important to be geo-specific as there are customers who are looking for what you offer in your area. In every SEO Edmonton plan, keyword research should take top space. These keywords should be included in local directories, local event listings, as well as the content shared on social media.

4. Content; Keep It Interesting and Sharable

You have probably heard of viral content, right? Well, it refers to content that is so captivating that anyone who sees it just wants to share it with their friends and followers. Now, if your content goes viral, it is a major plus. However, even if it doesn’t, make sure that it is informative, valuable and captivating to your target audience. These shares create inbound links to your site, which boosts ranking.

5. Post Regularly

Search engines as well as your social media followers and fans love fresh content. It is, therefore, important to consistently and frequently post fresh, relevant information on your social sites. Remember to engage with your audience too; answer queries and reply to comments to show appreciation. Social media marketing is an important component of SEO for Edmonton businesses. It enhances relations with prospects and customers as well as boost rankings on search engines.

How To Use Facebook Marketing For Your Business

Marketing online is never easy. You have to do a lot of planning to ensure that your investment pays off in the end. How can you know what steps to take? The best way to find out when it comes to Facebook marketing is to read the below article and take notes.
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Give subscribers the possibility to share discounts with their friends. Your subscribers could help their friends win free products or get discounts on your items by sharing one of your updates and tagging one of their friends in it. Reward the subscribers who help you generate new sales by offering them a prize if their friend ends up buying a product.

Do not underestimate the power of exclusive content or products. Everyone wants what they think is hard to get. Therefore, take something of value (like an e-book) and give it out to people, but only if they like your page first or perform some other action. They will be excited, and you will get something that you want too.

Be sure your Facebook page properly represents your business or company. Usually, fans of your page are there because they are interested in learning about what you offer. If you do not have any details about your products or services, they may be confused about what it is you are offering.

Use a mixed media approach on your Facebook updates for the best results. Post photos of renovations or new dishes being offered, short videos of people using your product or having fun at your venue, as well as text posts! This will create a varied and more interesting approach for marketing.

Think about why your page exists. Are you simply trying to get the word out about your company and new products? Or, is the page functioning as a forum for better communication with your customers? Once you have a clear picture of what you want your page to do, you can begin working on your marketing goals.

Remember to keep questions you ask in order to engage your readers simple on your Facebook page. Although you want to keep it interesting, the simpler a question is to respond to, the more people will do so! Posing a query that needs only a one or two word answer will garner you the greatest number of reactions.

Make custom tabs on your Facebook page. You will automatically have a few tabs set up for you when you first create your page, but it is possible to get creative and add in a few of your own. For instance, think about including a tab that has links to information that you find valuable.

Check out small business forums to help you craft your Facebook ads. If you have no experience with crafting an ad, before you pay for your Facebook advertising, get someone else to help you put your ad together. That way, your money will be better spent and your ad will be more effective.

With your notes at the ready, you can now start planning a Facebook campaign to make all others look flawed. Just put in the effort to make sure your research and strategies are solid and you’ll come out on top. Best the competition, increase your profits and shoot for the stars!